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Biomass processing (bio-feed and organic fertilizers)
Company MEPS s.r.o. is engaged in processing of cultivated, waste and other biomass with subsequent production of food for animals (poultry, cats, dogs, fish etc.), production of fertilizers and energy. A by-product of such biomass processing is pure, naturally based, chemical-free organic fertilizer.

The main idea is to produce ethanol/biobutanol from waste biomass resulting from normal agricultural activities or from biomass.
Other products besides ethanol/biobutanol are:
  • Electricity,
  • Heat,
  • Recovered heat,
  • Briquettes

By using a combination of existing, functional technologies and our proposed technology, it is possible to use heat efficiently, which is usually problematic. In this way, we achieve significantly better economic results in the processing of waste biomass and its subsequent energy recovery. This technology is environmentally friendly and waste-free.
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