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Costs saving in steel production
  • Materials for the management of oxides in the aggregate and the protection of the refractory lining: Deep sintered non-sulphur material basis for increasing productivity in steel production while reducing consumption of dolomitic lime. Reduces the total amount of of slag in the aggregate, with a consequent loss of metal at substantially lower cooling effect. This reduces the formation of slag, loss of metal to slag and then load the environment. Increases recovery process. In converter steel production provides an opportunity to promote scrap, which contributes significantly to the profitability of production by adjusting the trial balance. Material received honorable mention in the national round of international competition EKO2009. The material has been achieved third greatest cost savings in reducing costs (CCIP) in the company U.S. Steel Kosce in 2010.

  • Materials for optimization of refractory lining of BOF with varying lengths of batching to increase the lifetime of linings with consequent savings in gunning materials while increasing the productivity of aggregates.

  • Materials for desulphurization and refining of steels: Reagent for ensuring a deep clean steel with a reducing and purifying effect. Provides control of undesirable impurities steel, helps to eliminate sulphur in stabilizing the Almet. (lower consumption in Al deoxidation cycle) and avoidance of of sculls in casting ladle at a higher yield in the manufacture of steel.

  • Materials for treatment of slag in the production of high quality IF steels: Reagent in the form and size optimized for a particular contract after application significantly reduces the iron oxide content in slag, and it helps fluidize of slag.

  • Materials for smelting and avoidance of sculls in casting ladle: Reagent after application significantly reduces the iron oxide content in slag, and it helps fluidize of slag.

  • Materials for steel deoxidation: aluminum blocks, pyramids, hemisphere, and granules.

  • ECODEZOX - material based 97% aluminum and designed for environmentally friendly replacement of aluminum ingots and aluminum pyramid in the process of steel deoxidation. More information in the attached document.

  • Material to optimize the skimming process slag aggregate after desulphurisation: Reagent applied to the surface of the liquid reactor slag before/after the desulfurization process, ensuring the compaction of comprehensive slag system, increasing efficiency and eliminating the degree of refining.
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