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Virus disinfection - germicidal lamps
At present, there are increased requirements for disinfecting premises with germicidal emitters that safely remove viruses by ultraviolet radiation, even in the presence of humans. This radiation is able to destroy germs very effectively on a very wide scale. It creates a healthy environment and thus protects people from diseases and possible infections. For disinfection during working hours and human presence, the most suitable way to disinfect the air are indirectly emitting germicidal radiants.

During the use of indirectly emitting radiants, the disinfected air passes in the enclosed space of the radiator at a very short distance from the sources of UVC lamp. This results in a very efficient disinfection of the passing air, it is not necessary to ensure strict compliance with safety regulations and recommendations during their operation, because there is no way to come into contact with UVC radiation when used correctly.
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