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Waste recovery from prime metallurgy
  • Company MEPS, s.r.o. is a patent representative of solutions to remove zinc (Zn), lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) from steelmaking dusts and sludges on the territory of Slovakia.
  • Patent is solved in cooperation with Czech and Austrian investigators.
  • Patent solution relates to technology and equipment for the refining of metal waste, which are unsuitable for direct processing in a blast furnace and other aggregates for the production of steel.

Experiments have shown:
  • simplicity and reliability of the method of processing waste in a rotary kiln,
  • reliably achievable dezincification of 95% - 100% according to predetermined requirements;
  • great use in reducing carbon and iron oxides of zinc and lead,
  • very good use of energy,
  • reliability of the method of processing in a rotary kiln for the general chemical composition of inputs from the blast furnace to the BOF sludge,
  • method is effective,
  • method is simple in construction,
  • method is modularly organized,
  • in the method are minimal problems with foaming slag,
  • patent has high efficiency,
  • methodology requires only minimal preparation of charge,
  • patent provides high efficiency for zinc removal,
  • patent solution offers a simple extraction of gases with very high content of ZnO, PbO, CdO.
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